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Treaty Germany - Basters 1885

Published by Jan 01, 2006

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Treaty Of Protection And Friendship Between The German Empire And The Basters Of Rehoboth Of 1885

(Summary and translation from Dutch)

Between the German Emperor, King of Prussia, Wilhelm I and the independent chief of the Basters in Rehoboth:

Art. 1 The Captain, Hermanus Van Wyk, asks H.M. the German Emperor to protect his land and his people.

Art. 2 H.M. The German Emperor recognizes the rights and freedom of the Basters of Rehoboth and he accepts the obligation to respect all treaties, previously signed by the Rehoboth Basters with other nations.

Art. 3 The Captain, Hermanus Van Wyk, accepts the obligation not to hand over the Rehoboth Gebiet or parts of it to another nation and he will also sign no new treaties with other nations without the approval of H.M. the German Emperor.

Art. 4 The Captain, Hermanus van Wyk, promises to protect the life and possessions of all citizens of the German Empire in Rehoboth Gebiet. They can travel, live, work, sell and buy property in the area but the Rehoboth Basters can determine the conditions for the settlement of foreigners on their territory. The German citizens must also respect the laws and rules of the region and they must pay the customary taxes to the Captain.

Art. 5 In civil and criminal court cases, the citizens of Rehoboth will choose their judges and they will be judged according to their own laws.

Art. 6 If there should be any other matters to be settled between the German Emperor and the Captain of the Basters at Rehoboth, these will later be solved by agreements between the two governments.

Rehoboth, 15th September 1885