Rehoboth Baster Community

Basters as Indigenous People 1992

Published by Jan 01, 2004

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The declaration of 1992 stating the wish of the Rehoboth Baster people to be seen as an Indigenous People and for the Council to take all the appropriate measures to receive the legitimate rights that come with it. The Rehoboth Baster's Declaration As An Autochtonous And Indigenous Peoples Of 1992

On this day, the 10th day of October 1992 and during the Assembly held at Rehoboth, and in coherence with the resolution and election of the members of the abovementioned on 22 june 1991, we, the Baster people, declare ourselves as an indigenous people of the Republic of Namibia and we herewith demand all rights to which autochtonous and indigenous peoples are entitled to according to international practice and conventions, and we shall, from Columbus-day, Monday the 12th of October 1992, act accordingly.

Dated and signed by the Kaptein and the members of the Kaptein's Council at Rehoboth on the 10th day of October 1992.

Signed: J.G.A. Diergaardt

Kaptein: J.G.A. Diergaardt

Kaptein's Council: 1. signed: D.J. Izaaks 2. signed: P.J. Diergaardt

Speaker of the Assembly signed: A.J. Brendell

Assembly 1. signed: W. Van Wyk 2. signed: J.E. Stumpfe