Rehoboth Baster Community

Declaration of Independence 1990

Published by Mar 20, 1990

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The Rehoboth Basters' declaration of independence of 20 March 1990.

Rehoboth People's Motion In The Wake Of Namibian Independence Of 1990

20/3/1990 (summary and translation from Afrikaans)

Taking into consideration that:

-- the Rehoboth Basters settled in their beloved territory "Rehoboth Gebiet" in the former century, in order to achieve political autonomy and the international recognition of its territorial integrity.

-- the Rehoboth Basters confirmed their independence and sovereignty with the elaboration of the Paternal Laws in 1872. the Rehoboth Gebiet has never been annexed to a larger territory.

-- neither the Germans nor the Government of South Africa suspended the institutions and the legislation of the Rehoboth Basters. On the contrary, they confirmed them in agreements and treaties.

-- the Rehoboth Basters never agreed or accepted to give up their self-determination and self- government. Moreover, the international community never contested these principles in relation to the Rehoboth Community.

-- the Rehoboth Basters agreed, for the peace and the cooperation in former SWA, to participate in the Resolution 435 independence process; without, however, giving up their autonomy and self-determination .

-- the Government of the territory of South West Africa, known as the Republic of Namibia since 21/03/1990, suspended all rights of the Rehoboth community for self-determination and expropriated their property.

-- the citizens of Rehoboth realise now that they have been cheated and sold out with false promises.

-- the people of Rehoboth is not willing to give up its identity, their self-determination and autonomy and refuses to accept the loss of parts of its territory after the Independence.

-- the people of Rehoboth believe that the Government of the RSA did not respect agreements in relation to the negotiations concerning the Rehoboth territory and its future. Consequently, the Rehoboth Community decided to withdraw its participation to the Resolution 435 elections and the Constitutional Council.

For these reasons, the People of Rehoboth order their leaders, (the Captain, his council and the Legislative Council), to act as follows:

-- with the knowledge that they are the only elected leaders of the Rehoboth People

-- that the Captain, his Council and the Legislative Council take up again all their former functions

-- that the Captain, his Council and the Legislative Council take immediate steps for the Independence of the Rehoboth Gebiet

-- that the Captain, his Council and the Legislative Council elaborate a new constitution for the Rehoboth Gebiet, in accordance to the Paternal Laws of 1872

-- that the People of Rehoboth should be governed by the Captain, his Council and the Legislative Council; and in no way subordinate to the Government of the RSA or the Parliament of Namibia

-- that the leaders take up their authority over the administration

-- that the leaders of Rehoboth can only be bound by the will of the people and to the regulations of the Paternal Laws of 1872.

The Kaptein, Kaptein's Council
and the Assembly