Rehoboth Baster Community

Captains Council Member of UNPO

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At the UNPO Presidency meeting of 1-3 February 2007, the Captains Council was accepted as the representative for the Rehoboth Basters.

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) is a democratic, international membership organization. Its members are indigenous peoples, occupied nations, minorities and independent states or territories who have joined together to protect their human and cultural rights, preserve their environments, and to find non-violent solutions to conflicts which affect them. UNPO provides a legitimate and established international forum for member aspirations and assists its members in effective participation at an international level.

The Captain John McNab, Mr. Aldan Cloete and Mrs. Vera Tune travelled to Brussels to present their case before the Presidency of UNPO, which held its meeting in the European Parliament. The Captain gave an account of the situation of the Baster people and the position of the Captains Council. After a question and answer session, the Captains Council was accepted as the representative organisation for the Rehoboth Basters.

As a new member of UNPO, the Captains Council will be able to represent the Rehoboth Basters in the international arena.

The photos of the meeting The speech of the Captain