Rehoboth Baster Community

Statement at the UNWGIP 2002

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A summary of the statement on behalf of the Rehoboth Basters to the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations in 2002

This transcript was taken from the UN WGIP monitor by the UNPO. The UNPO Monitor is not an official transcript of the Working Group, but represents substantially what was communicated during the meetings.

(Note: the transcript contains some errors; Remoboth instead of Rehoboth, the date of 1862 instead of 1870)

Yvo Peeters, Remoboth Community of Namibia

The Remoboth community enjoyed large degree of autonomy since 1862, until it was stripped of resources and institutions by the Government of Namibia in 1990, upon its independence under the umbrella of the UN. Our people sent communication to the Committee of HR in 92. Although our land rights not acknowledged, the Namibian government was found to be in breach of the convention on matters of language and education rights. These, though in the constitution are void. Since 1990 no implementation legislation has been passed. Nothing has been done since the decision of the Committee. It would be a disgrace if its decision would have no benefit for those concerned. Appeal to remind the Namibian government of its obligations under international law. Commend Judge Guisse on his intervention. (Source: UNPO)