Rehoboth Baster Community

Statement at the UNWGIP 1998

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A summary of the statement on behalf of the Rehoboth Basters to the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations in 1998

The following is a summary of the statement made by the current Captain of the Rehoboth Basters (then Council member) to the United Nations at the Working Group on Indigenous Populations in 1998.

Mr. John McNab, Rehoboth Community:

Although the constitution of Nambia declares the rights of the indigenous people, the community is denied these rights. Since independence was established the government has developed a central education system that has ignored the indigenous community. Random appointment of teachers makes them aliens to the community and the children's background. The books available deal with a history and culture foreign to the children, and in a language alien to them.

There has been a total collapse of the education system. Private schools may be established but this is only available to the rich, white people. Everyone who chooses to stand on the Traditional Leaders Council is automatically denied political election. English was declared the sole official language of the state. Article 19 of the constitution gives the right to indigenous languages, yet the government denies this right.

Appeals for international fact finding commission to investigate the situation independently.

(Source: UNPO)