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APP and RRA sign election agreement

Published by Apr 14, 2011

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All People's Party and the Rehoboth Ratepayers' Association (RRA) formalised their election cooperation with the signing of an agreement at Rehoboth yesterday before a sparse crowd of about 60 people from the party and residents of the town.

According to this agreement, the RRA will from today canvas residents of Rehoboth - and Basters finding themselves elsewhere in the country - to vote for APP.

In line with the agreement, a minimum of two and a maximum of five members of the RRA would appear on the APP list of National Assembly candidates.

There are already two RRA candidates on the APP list, with Lukas de Klerk, chairperson of the RRA, appearing as the sixth APP Parliamentary candidate.

The agreement further stipulates that for the upcoming local authority elections next year, the APP will not put its own candidate in Rehoboth, but instead throw its weight behind any RRA candidate.

APP and RRA agreed that they will be in regular consultations and that members of each group can sit at each others' meetings, but will not have any voting rights in their partners' meetings.