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Rehoboth man drowns in dam

Published by Dec 12, 2006

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A well-known member of the Rehoboth community and organiser of the town's annual trade show, Dimitrio Metzler, drowned in the Oanob Dam on Sunday after rescuing his wife and four children.

Metzler (36) and his family were canoeing on the dam when the canoe capsized.

Dimi, as he was affectionately known among friends and family, was able to rescue his wife, Dr Egeria Olivier, their son Kirk and three other children but had a heart attack which led to him drowning, according to relatives and friends.

"The whole Rehoboth is in shock about the sudden death of Dimitrio, who was very active in all levels of the community," said one resident of the town.

He was the Chairperson of the Rehoboth Trade Show and a founder member of Acasia Oanob Limited, where he served as director until 2004.

He was also the editor of a local community newspaper, Akasia Nuus, and founded the youth group, Looking Ahead Kids, whom he sensitised about conservation and community service.

The group has carried out various clean-up campaigns in Rehoboth.

Metzler qualified as a printer in Hieldesheim in Germany and took over Akasia Printers after his father's death.

Of late, Metzler was a farmer in the Rehoboth district.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Stephan Nuuyi confirmed Metzler's death yesterday but said their reports indicated that the car in which he was travelling overturned and landed in the dam.

Metzler's body was retrieved by friends.

He is survived by his wife, three children, his mother and three brothers.

Funeral arrangements will be announced at a later stage.

Source: Namibian