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Successful Youth Camp at Rehoboth

Published by May 21, 2007

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Rehoboth High School this year hosted the 4th National UNESCO ASPnet (Associated Schools Project) camp under the theme, Resilience for Survival, as announced in a press release.

About 120 learners and teachers from 17 different government schools in Namibia attended the week-long educational camp from April 28 to May 4 in Rehoboth.

“A wide selection of workshops was presented which focused on, inter alia, the creativity of learners with regard to practical science, traditional cuisine, home industry, fine and performing arts, HIV/AIDS programming and support systems during crisis in the community,” the statement read.

A highlight of the camp was an explorative visit to the Oanob Dam, Acacia Forest and the historic Sam Khubis battlefield from the colonial era.

“Burning issues such as nature conservation, with special emphasis on preservation of natural resources and cultural survival, were suitably addressed. The resounding success of the camp can be attributed to a large extent to the generous sponsorship by the Directorate Research, Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education, the statement reads.

“We also acknowledge the contributions of our local business community in Rehoboth: DRG Superama, Volkswinkel Spar, Mandy’s Pub, Ashley’s Barbershop and Dolphine Fish & Chips, Fedicks and Namib Mills (Windhoek), as well as the general public.

“It is believed that this adventure will produce visible and sustainable results within our communities; hence it would add educational value to fine sponsorships,” the release concluded.

Source: NewEra