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PUM Expert Helps Resort Manager

Published by May 22, 2007

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Jos Bon, senior PUM expert, recently spent three weeks with Nicolas Homateni, newly-appointed restaurant manager at Lake Oanob Resort just outside Rehoboth, to help the latter with his management skills.

PUM is an independent Dutch organization that provides expertise from a large database of 4000 retired experts to small-sized businesses in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe. These experts, after a lifetime of working, offer technical advice and training in the fields of general management, financial and personnel policy, marketing, logistics, technology, research and development. Support may also be directed at diversification, and adding new business to existing ventures.

Homateni started at the resort in 1994 as an assistant to a builder. After that, he stayed on at the resort and was trained as a boat driver. He later operated the Marina Kiosk and was then trained as a waiter, barman and cook. He left the company in 2003 to further his training as a chef, and returned to Lake Oanob in April this year as restaurant manager.

PUM is active in a wide range of activities such as accountancy and automation, building and engineering, banking and insurance, the electro-technical industry, textiles and clothing, printing and publishing, agriculture, agro-business, manufacturing, tourism and transport, to name but a few.

As volunteers, the PUM experts give free advice to their clients. The organization takes care of the international travel costs and insurance. The applicant is, however, responsible for all local costs.

Interested businesses that have been in existence for two years and have a minimum staff of 10 employees, may apply for PUM support.

Source: NewEra