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WAD Charges Three With Theft

Published by Jan 23, 2008

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Three former employees of Women's Action for Development (WAD) were arrested at Rehoboth this past weekend and charged with theft of a number of items from the organisation's Rehoboth training centre.

Wilma Maasdorp (49), Elizabeth Egelser (46) and Mary Ann Beukes (49), all long-serving members of WAD, were arrested on Saturday and granted bail of N$600 during their first court appearance at the town on Monday. The women face two charges of theft, Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Kauna Shikwambi said yesterday. The first case was reported to the Police in November 2006 already, the other this month. According to the Police, the women apparently stole computers, mattresses and kitchen utensils, among other things, from the centre.

One of the suspects was apparently found in possession of some of the items, and confessed to the possession of N$800 in petty cash. The case against the women was postponed until March 18 for the three to acquire legal representation. When the women spoke to The Namibian on Monday, they were adamant that they had done nothing wrong and said that they had either bought or borrowed the items in question with permission from the regional leader of the training centre.

WAD project director Veronica De Klerk denied that the women had the authority to remove the items. "They can be as angry as they want, but the fact is that head office never gave permission for them to remove the items," she told The Namibian.

Source: AllAfrica