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Out to Destroy ELCRN

Published by Jun 20, 2008

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Election of the ELCRN Bishop was legal by all means!

Firstly, thank you for balancing the facts from both sides in your article entitled: “Bishop’s Election Sparks ‘Hatred, Tension’” in the New Era of June 17.

The endless articles by Mr Gerson Doeseb in the local dailies have reference. Mr Doeseb, who in some of his previous letters claims to be a senior member of the ELCRN Ephesians Congregation, decided not to spare “his church” for a single moment.

What our “senior member” does not realise is that those who are misleading and using him are cowards who are not willing to be associated with him openly.

I have decided to respond in the following manner, and I am guided by the following documents of the ELCRN: 1) The Constitution, 2) Sinodale Orde, 3) Nominasie Orde, and 4) Kies Orde.

Please, feel free to get acquainted with the mentioned documents, especially Mr Gerson Doeseb. To be frank and honest, all these documents are silent on what is to be done when all congregations nominate only one candidate. Thus, the Synod in session had to decide there and then what was to be done.

1) The ELCRN Church Synod:

My dear brother, I am serving for past years as the Secretary of the ELCRN Constitutional Committee. The Church Synod is the highest decision-making body of the church. Article 19.2 states: The Church Synod is, “To enact the laws of the church.” It further stipulates that this same body is, “To elect the Bishop, her/his deputy and the members of the church Council” (Art. 19.4).

I challenge you by saying that the Church Synod, 25th to 30th August in Rehoboth, made NO MISTAKE by electing the Bishop and his deputy.

My dear “senior member”, your honourable advisors deliberately neglect to explain to you the powers that are invested in the Church Synod by the Constitution, as you all are aiming to destroy the ELCRN.

If you are really so concerned about the church, why are you running away from the platforms your church is creating for you? Why do you refuse to open your mind and reason as an adult in a responsible manner?

2) The election of the Bishop:

During your visit to my office, already last year (18/10/2007), it became clear to me that you are a wretch of racial/ethnical vendettas. However, the ELCRN Constitution does not make provision for our Bishops to rotate on an ethnical basis. The Constitution guides:

“The Church synod shall elect the Bishop by secret ballot from amongst the candidates.”

(Art. 22.2). It continues: “The Bishop is elected from the list of three candidates.” (Art.22,
By-Law 22.2.2).

If you have the Constitution, you will also read the following phrase in Art. 22, By-Law 22.3.3, “Each congregation shall nominate one Bishop candidate.”
At the Church Synod you endlessly referred to (22nd Ordinary Synod), we DID NOT have “the list of three candidates” as all fifty three (53) congregations of the ELCRN nominated ONLY ONE candidate (Dr Zephania Kameeta).

Hence, the Church Synod honoured the “National Popular Vote” of the congregations. What a democratic move, where the highest decision-makers are listening to the voice of the masses? What makes you think that Bishop Dr Kameeta should just resign, because you want to fight for reasons only known to you.

As for the Deputy Bishop, because there was no second or third loser, the highest decision-making organ of the church elected Rev. P.H. Kisting from a list of three candidates, after some pastors who qualify age-wise withdrew.
The truth of the matter is, the newly inducted deputy Bishop, Rev. Paul Hatani Kisting, did not lead the in-camera election session.

This session was led by Mr Hendrik Jagger, who was the chairperson of the Nomination Commission (see also Art. 22, By Law 22.3.3).

3) Induction of the Deputy Bishop (27th January 2008):
The church leadership, whom you urge to resign, acted to execute the decision of the Church Synod which elected Rev. P. H. Kisting. I do not know what you can offer the ELCRN after you have its elected leadership resigned.

For your information, to induct the Deputy Bishop is to act in the interest of the church and to ensure its future. So, your question, “if the ELCRN leaders are true leaders why are they hiding behind the church and promoting their own interest?”, is a very narrow minded and uninformed one.

One could likewise ask the following: If your advisors are true leaders of the church, why are they hiding behind you?

As you well know by now, the induction of Rev. P.H. Kisting as the Deputy Bishop of the ELCRN was a resounding success. The church was represented from all four corners of Namibia.

4) The meeting on November 18, 2007 at Ephesians:

Dear brother, I am not surprised by your deliberate act of misleading people with your false/untrue allegations. That meeting was called by concerned members of the church, and they were NOT asked by Bishop Dr Kameeta to do so.

Believe this, you will not get to the truth by spreading lies! Try to be honest and consequent in your approaches.

More so, I was not one of the chairpersons of that meeting, I came to listen and to give my contributions, but I was asked to do the translations. Well, I do not owe you any apology or explanation for being there, but why did you not make your points clear at that meeting, instead of spreading ungrounded allegations afterwards?

The nomination you are mentioning which took place at the Ephesians Congregation where three (3) candidates were nominated was constitutional. However, the same guiding documents stipulate that “only the name of the candidate with the highest votes” is forwarded to the Nomination Commission.

So even if our congregation had forwarded all three names, the incumbent Bishop had the highest votes. This happened in all 53 congregations of the ELCRN. Please, get this into your mind, brother.

5) Mr Gerson Doeseb’s membership at the Ephesians Congregation:
You were not telling the whole truth to the Namibian nation, because you were claiming that you are “a senior member of the Ephesians Congregation”.

You are entered into the “Toetrek Register” of the said congregation on April 3, 2008. I have personally checked that out, because I know that you were not even in attendance during the time I led that congregation.

Brother, it would be good if you were prepared to talk to your church leadership in a responsible, relaxed, and mature manner.
Please, try to do that!

With evangelical concern
Rev. Willem Pieters

Source: NewEra