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Rehoboth Marches Against Municipal Council

Published by Jul 30, 2008

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Community members at Rehoboth on Monday took to the streets in protest against alleged corruption and nepotism in the municipality.

The group marched to the offices of the Rehoboth Town Council, where they delivered a petition calling for an investigation into the council's affairs by the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Ministry of Regional and Local Government.

In the absence of the mayor, their petition was received by the town CEO, Theo Jankowski, whose own relations with his colleagues in the municipality have sourced in recent months.

The residents raised five points in their petition that they want to be addressed.

One is that an investigation be ordered into the activities of all local and regional councillors serving Rehoboth; another is that an investigation be ordered into the appointment of staff at the municipality, which residents claim has led to unqualified personnel and "possible criminal delinquencies that could have taken place".

They also called for the suspension of whoever is found guilty of any wrongdoing, and for the responsible officials to be placed on unpaid leave until the investigations are finalised.

"We call for no exceptions to be made and no political concessions to be done, and that the guilty parties be charged according to the (Local Government) Act.

"We are no longer willing to see that the town's order and well-being be undermined by a few irresponsible political office bearers and corrupt officials," the spokesperson for the group, Edgar Dunn, read from the petition.

The ACC had previously confirmed that it was investigating allegations of corruption within the Rehoboth Town Council after Jankowski brought these allegations to its attention.

Mayor George Dax, at a press conference called last month, rejected the claims by his town CEO as a means of trying to divert attention from the fact that the council was getting ready to charge Jankowski with various cases of corruption and malpractice.

Source: The Namibian