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Rehoboth Council Suspends CEO

Published by Aug 06, 2008

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The following article was published by the Namibian newspaper NewEra on 6 August 2008.

Rehoboth Town Council has given its executive head marching orders.

Theo Jankowski, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rehoboth, was handed the letter of suspension on Friday afternoon.

It is the second time that the town council has suspended its CEO, although the first time, in June this year, the suspension was issued verbally.

“I received the letter of suspension later in the afternoon, around 16h30. I have been at home ever since,” Jankowski said. He said the letter did not state the reasons for his suspension.

The Chairman of the Management Committee, councillor Innesencio Ihalwa, confirmed the suspension. However, he did not elaborate as he was attending a strategic meeting.

Jankowski and the town council have been squabbling since early this year and council suspended Jankowski in June.

However, that suspension lasted for four days, after which Jankowski returned to office, allegedly at the insistence of the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development.

The squabble between the executive head and town councillors has rendered the administrative backbone of the town paraplegic, with the two divisions pulling in opposite directions.

The town council says Jankowski is unable to correctly interpret the Local Authorities Act. Council has further accused Jankowski of breach of trust, gross insubordination, lack of leadership, non-performance and abuse of office for political gain.

Spokesperson for Rehoboth Town Council, Jeffrey Kasupi, said the town council is still to formulate charges against Jankowski.

Ihalwa has accused Jankowski of using the office to further his political ambitions.

Jankowski said he would wait for the formal charges before he responds.
However, he said he is still in consultation with his legal advisors regarding statements made by councillors to the media.

“I still regard the statements made against me in the media, without informing me, as defamation,” said Jankowski.

Source: NewEra