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Rehoboth Mapping Charges Against CEO

Published by Aug 14, 2008

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Rehoboth Town Council says it is in the process of finalising charges against the suspended Chief Executive Officer Theo Jankowski.

“Once finished, we would forward the charges to the Ministry [Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development],” Public Relations Officer, Jeffrey Kasupi said.

Rehoboth Town Council gave the CEO marching orders on August 1, a second suspension following an earlier one in June.

The June suspension was botched up partly because it was given verbally with nothing in writing.

The town council officers have been squabbling with Jankowski from early this year and the administrative backbone of the town has been rendered paraplegic with the two divisions pulling in opposite directions.

The town council had earlier said Jankowski is unable to correctly interpret the Local Authorities Act.

The council has further accused Jankowski of breach of trust, gross insubordination, lack of leadership, non-performance and abuse of office for political gain.

Source: NewEra