Rehoboth Baster Community

1915 Annulment of Treaty by Germany

Published by Jan 01, 2008

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On 22 April 1915, the German government annuled the Treaty of Protection and Friendship of 1885 by way of a letter to the Baster Council at Rehoboth and thereby in effect declared war on the Rehoboth Baster community.

To open the PDF document click hereRehoboth,22 April 1915To: The Council of the Basters of Rehoboth

The Baster soldiers did not obey the orders of His Excellency, the Governor, to hand in all rifles, in light of the insecure situation in the district of Uitdraai.

Despite three days of negotiations with the Baster Council, it proved impossible to implement the handing over of the rifles

The period of grace which was requested to concede to the order was used to secretly remove their families and possessions.

During the period of negotiations for a friendly settlement, the Basters robbed and murdered whites.

Because of the actions and crimes against the white people, the Treaty of Protection and Friendship of 15 September 1885 is broken.

This breach of trust, combined with reckless crimes is regarded as an act of open hostility against the Imperial German Government.

Because of this, the Imperial German Government is obliged, in order to protect its rights, in order to maintain the peace and security in the Protectorate and in order to protect the lives and property of subjects of the German Empire in German South West Africa and all other persons under its protection, to take the necessary steps as he sees fit.

With this I declare the negotiations that were held up to this moment, to be null and void.In the name and by assignment of the Imperial Governor of German South West Africa.

Signed: Bethe, Lt-Kol.