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UPM Leadership visit Garden Town

Published by Jul 29, 2013

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The UPM leadership on Monday, July 29, 2013, visited the UPM Branch in Okahandja.

The President of the UPM and UPM National Chairman met with UPM Okahandja Branch members in Okahandja for the purpose of addressing problems in the town. The UPM has one seat on the Okahandja Municipality. Besides internal party affairs discussions also took place around issues at the Okahandja Municipality. 

The UPM Councillor at the Municipality is also a member of the Management Committee, which give the party an opportunity to make contributions for the benefit of the Okahandja residence. The UPM Management spoke concern regarding the slow pace at which plots are made available to the needy people in the town. According to Councillor Bezuidenhoudt the delay of allocation of plots are attributed to the fact that Council decisions are not executed on time. UPM President Mr. Bismarck van Wyk and the UPM leadership called for urgent attention to be given to the problem, including the provision of basic services. 

Although the UPM is satisfied with developments in the town there is concern about the tidiness of the town. The UPM believes that Okahandja and Rehoboth are of the dirtiest towns in the country and called for urgent action in this regard. The Okahandja branch was also required to pay attention to the identification of competent members of the party in the Otjozondjupa Region, for nomination at its convention later this year to ensure that UPM is ready for the upcoming national, regional and local elections.