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The UPM disappointed in the behaviour of RTC Staff - UPM Press Release, 27 March 2013

Published by Mar 27, 2013

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The UPM has over the past months constantly complained about the attitude and the incompetence of the CEO of the Rehoboth Town Council.

The party has through its Councillors requested the Rehoboth Town Council several times to attend to the issue and also on 22 March 2013 issued a press release in this regard it which the following was said:

"The UPM further wants the post of CEO at the RTC to be advertised in time to allow the new CEO to take office on 01 July 2013. The UPM is convinced the Rehoboth Town Council does not have the skills and capabilities to be involve in the recruitment on such a high level position. The UPM suggest that the RTC acquire the services of an independent recruitment agency to ensure that a capable and qualified person be recruited, as the Rehoboth Town Council is in dire need to get the RTC out of its trouble." 

Opposition Councillors on 26 March 2013 requested the RTC (Mayor) in writing to attend to the issue as the CEO in terms of the Local Authority Act needs to be informed that the Council will not extend his contract. In the letter it was also requested to put the issue on the agenda for the Special Council Meeting scheduled for the very same day.

The said request however angered the Mayor as he indicated that she will not to entertain the request and told the meeting that Jan van Wyk as Councillor is not in any position to describe to them (Swapo) what to do. She threatens to instead extent Jankowski`s contract for another five years and further stressed that van Wyk should be careful as he would not be a Councillor very soon.

The UPM wants to make it CLEAR that it will do everything in its power to get rid of Jankowski and Willy Swartz. 

Piet Junius

UPM:Vice President