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Crime, mismanagement and NamWater crises in Rehoboth

Published by Mar 22, 2013

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UPM Press Release, 22 March 2013

The UPM herewith condemn incidents in Rehoboth where innocent lives had been lost due to the recklessness of certain individuals last weekend. The UPM is concern of the escalation of crime in Rehoboth and urged the police to shape up efforts to combat crime as it is evident that the crime rate has increase over the past six months.

The UPM is also not happy with the failures of law enforcement agencies such as the ACC and the Criminal Investigation Unit of NAMPOL to follow up charges laid with them despite calls by President Pohamba that citizens should fight corruption by reporting it to the bodies created for the purpose of fighting corruption. The lack or refusal of Government to act on issues of concern is also disappointing.

The UPM further wants the post of CEO at the RTC to be advertised in time to allow the new CEO to take office on 01 July 2013. The UPM is convinced the Rehoboth Town Council does not have the skills and capabilities to be involve in the recruitment on such a high level position. The UPM suggest that the RTC acquire the services of an independent recruitment agency to ensure that a capable and qualified person be recruited, as the Rehoboth Town Council is in dire need to get the RTC out of its trouble. 

The UPM has reliable information that the RTC is struggling with the NAMWATER account and with the facing draught at hand is sure that the residents of Rehoboth will soon again face a water crisis. 

Piet Junius