Rehoboth Baster Community

Continued corruption, incompetence is the HIGH LEVEL AGENDA TO Continue Rehoboth Community Genocide

Published by Mar 05, 2013

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UPM Press Release, 05 March 2013

The UPM with its HQ in Rehoboth has every right to believe that Ministerial and as such government’s hatred for the Rehoboth Community is without doubt proven in the fact that they turn a blind eye to the Swapo majority’s blatant corruption, nepotism and incompetence although various audit reports including the latest audit report reflected the corrupt state of affairs at the RTC. 

What is more, the latest scandal as reported in the media on Friday first of March 2013 about 88 million Namibia Dollars being stolen was never reported at the General Meeting of the Council held on Tuesday 26 February 2013.Nor was the eighty thousand judgement in favour of the Council’s officials for a civil claim, for which Community property is to be auctioned, reported at the Council Meeting. What an embarrassment for opposition councillors to read this information in the media.

Who can blame the community for anger against Government and it’s so called Anti-Corruption Institutions, like the ACC and even the Commercial Branch of Police which are reluctant to act on charges laid with them with indisputable proof of corrupt practices at the RTC. The UPM President, Mr. Willem Bismarck van Wyk during a press conference in Rehoboth on 08 February 2013, accused the RTC of corruption and incompetence. The Mayor of the town at a Management meeting the next week, made a joke of it and focused on cheap political jargon instead of following good advice to address community complains.

The Namibian Sun on 22 February 2013 carried a report about the findings of the Auditors-Generals report for the year 01 July 2010 to 30 June 2011. UPM Cllr Martin Dentlinger on 20th January 2011 tabled a motion to call to book those who allegedly pocketed thousands at the RTC during 2008-2009 and before. The said motion was shown the door by the swapo lead council. Baster Kaptein John McNab at that stage has indicated that the Swapo majority has made a mistake by not making use of the opportunity to eliminate corruption at the RTC, and that it has made way for corruption to continue. The recent AG report mentioned has proved that the Kaptein was right when he made these remarks on the 20th January 2011.

The UPM has over the past months continued its fight to address corruption and incompetence at the RTC but could not do much as the corrupt and incompetent staff is always covered for by the Swapo majority. The UPM has over the past months at several times requested the line Ministry to intervene, however without success. Some members of the Rehoboth Community have during the last year laid a criminal case with the Criminal Investigation Unit of Nampol. The issue was again referred to the ACC in which the Rehoboth community do not have any trust and as was expected nothing has happened until today.

The community of Rehoboth is convinced that the continued silence from the side of the central government shows that the swapo party government supports the ill-treatment of specifically the Rehoboth Baster Community by government and the RTC in particular.

The UPM has at several times requested the RTC to conduct community meetings without success. The refusal of the RTC to condone such requests is seen as an effort to keep information away from the rate payers, something the UPM is not happy with.

The UPM wants the RTC to account for every cent intrusted to the elected leaders and the administrators in Rehoboth. The issue is viewed in a very serious light by UPM leadership and as such has convened a Central Committee meeting on March 15, 2013 to discuss the issue and to consider further action. The reason being that the alleged corruption has occurred during the period its Counsellors have tried to convince the Swapo lead council to eliminate corruption at the RTC.

The UPM although it understands that majority rules, is of the opinion that its Councillors should have taken a more aggressive approach towards the RTC.

The UPM is convinced that if the amounts in question could be accounted for, the senior citizens of the town could have received free municipal services and critical infrastructural development could have been done over the last two years.

The UPM has at several times indicated that the current CEO is not up to the challenge and this situation at the RTC has just proved the UPM right.

The UPM demand the immediate removal of the CEO and Willy Swartz, the two mayor driving forces, behind corruption at the RTC.

Mr. Piet Junius