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UPM wants fair and swift implementation of Rukoro report

Published by Feb 05, 2013

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UPM Press Release, 05 February 2013

The UPM on 27 September 2012, congratulated the Rehoboth Town Council on its efforts to finalize the implementation of the "Rukoro Report". It however seems that the said congratulatory remarks was send out at the wrong time as the so called efforts has again come to nothing.

The Swapo dominated Rehoboth Town Council has once again failed to live up to its promises, which means that the beneficiaries again need to wait until February 2013, with no guarantee that the allocation of the erwen would take place then.

The UPM has also taken notice of the failure of the RTC to take action against people who engaged themselves in land grabbing in Blok E and Banhoff despite a Council resolution that action will be taken against those who instigate land grabbing. People on a daily basis put up shacks without Council`s consent but the RTC is mum on their action, probably because these people supports Swapo.

Beneficiaries of the "Rukoro Report" also aired their disappointment with the decision of the RTC to continue making use of a "Committee" that consist of Swapo members only, as they do not represents the interest of the beneficiaries. Kaptein McNab has on 09 May 2012 already informed the former Minister of MRLGH about it concerns regarding the mentioned committee. The UPM regards the decision by the RTC to continue making use of the illegal committee, as a violation of the rights of members of the Rehoboth Baster Gemeente.

Beneficiaries of the "Rukoro Report" on Sunday,03 February attended a meeting and instructed the two UPM Councilors to bring it to the attention of the Council that they:- will no more support the idea to pay the N$ 5 000.00 for the so called free erwen if not fully serviced;-   will not pay for un-serviced erven as they are entitled to it;- will not accept the small erwen  (360m²);- do not recognized the "Erwen Committee" appointed by the Rehoboth Town Council.

Beneficiaries of the "Rukoro Report" want to make it clear to the RTC that it will face stern action if these erwen are not allocated faster and by end of February 2013. (Over 1 000 beneficiaries are awaiting for their erwen to be allocated) Another meeting will take place on 03 March 2013 to revisit this problem.

People of the community are also air their disappointed with the unprofessional manner in which residents are treated by employees of the RTC. The ridiculous statement of the CEO in the Rehoboth Gazette of 11 January 2013 in which he claims that the relationship between Council and RTC is very good is seen as a bunch of lies if one takes into account the insults and treatment residents got from RTC employees. (Residents wants urgent action in this regard).

Mr. Piet Junius at the same meeting informed residents that the so-called free education now introduced by the government is not something new to us, as we did receive free education before independence. Free education was abolished after independence by the swapo party government and should not be regarded as an accomplishment of the swapo regime, but rather as the violation of the rights of the people for the past twenty three years instead. 

Mr. Piet Junius

Vice-President: UPM