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UPM - Protest stay away from the 22nd Independence Celebrations

Published by Mar 14, 2012

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14 March 2012 Press Release United People`s Movement (UPM)

The United People`s Movement (UPM) during a meeting at its Head Quarters in Rehoboth on Friday, 9th March 2012 took a resolution to out of protest stay away from the 22 Independence Celebrations.

The reasons for this drastic resolution being:

1.       The Failure of the SWAPO Party Government to hear the cry of the needy and destitute Senior Citizens of the country for relief in their financial desert and yet in contrast over spent on SWAPO Party War Veterans'.  

2.      The replacement of Captain Hendrik Witbooi on the 10 and 20 dollar notes with Mr. Sam Nujoma. 

3.      Continues bail out of Semi Government Institutions such as Air Namibia without taking action to rectify the problems identified. 

4.      The huge increase on the Defense Budget. 

5.      Failure to implement the "TIPEEG" programs to the benefit of the people in the Hardap and Karas Regions.

6.      Reluctance to act on corrupt practices. 

The UPM would like to see the old age pension to be adjusted to at least N$ 1000.00 per month. The everlasting excuses by the SWAPO Party Government that it does not have the money to increase old age pension is ridiculous as their spending on bale outs of semi government institutions like Air Namibia and senseless hand outs to so called War Veterans proves. It should be pointed out to this Government that the Senior Citizens struggled for independence of this country on local grounds and therefore should get the treatment they deserve. The fact that funds are made available to bail out failing Semi Government Institutions and to increase the benefits of "SWAPO Party War Veterans" reflects the Government’s keeping of double standards. 

The UPM also regard the replacement of Captain Hendrik Witbooi on the 10 and 20 dollar notes with Mr. Sam Nujoma as an insult to the nation and is convinced that this is the first step to totally replace Witbooi with Nujoma on all dollar notes in time to come. The Party is also concern about the huge increase in the budget allocation of the Defense Ministry. The UPM questions this huge attention the Defense Ministry gets. Or could it be that the SWAPO Party Government is aware of war threads that the Nation is not aware of.  

With regard to the implementation of TIPEEG Programs in the Hardap and Karas Regions, the UPM wants to know from Government as to why these programs were not advertised, implemented and monitored as required?

The UPM has already instructed its Local Authority Councilors’ not to attend the Independence celebrations on the 20th and 21st of March 2012. The Party made it clear to its Councilors that the UPM will not allow them to go feast, while thousands of the nation does not have bread on their tables.  

The UPM is convinced that the time has come that the Official Opposition and other Alternative Parties work together to challenge SWAPO’s irresponsible power march. 

The United People`s Movement therefore urges the Official Opposition and other Alternative Parties to join the UPM in its plan to show their protest against unfair practices by staying away from the upcoming Independence celebrations.   

Jan J. van Wyk - Chairperson:UPM                                                                     

Piet Junius - Vice-President:UPM

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