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UPM denounces the lack of respect by RTC for the Baster Councillors

Published by Apr 20, 2012

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UPM Press Release 20 April 2012.

The United People`s Movement at Rehoboth, on 19th April 2012, during a Special Council meeting once again showed that its Councilors are ready to standup against the Swapo majority, which continue to make use of their vote to keep traveling on their journey of mismanagement and destruction at the Rehoboth Town Council. 

The Opposition Councilors, just at around 17:00 on Wednesday, 18th April 2012 receive notice of a Special Council meeting, due to take place at 10:00, Thursday, 19th April 2012. The Councilors was again clearly unhappy with the manner in which the Local Government Act is blatantly disregarded with regard to convening meetings. For this particular case the opposition councilors were requested to attend a Special Council meeting at 10:00. It has become custom for this type of meetings that no submissions are distributed to enable councilors to prepare for debate or meaningful contribution at the meetings. Although the opposition councilors reported at the board room at 09:55 they found no sign of the mayor and other Swapo councilors either in the Conference Room or Council Chambers. No apology as to the wareabouts of the Swapo Councilors or reason why the meeting may be delayed has been sent to the waiting councilors. Councilor Dentlinger left after waiting for twenty minutes in the conference room with the other two opposition councilors remaining.

After enquiring as to the hereabouts of the ruling group the frustrated councilors heard that the Swapos were caucusing with their senior Managers in the Mayor’s office. After patiently waiting for the Swapos for more then thirty minutes the group arrived in a furious mood at the conference room about that morning’s news report about the UPM’s press release as to the reason why they cannot support to the CEO’s re-appointment. As usual the CEO and his team add some points to the agenda. One of the discussion points added to the agenda was that morning’s newspaper reporting about the UPM’s reasons why they oppose the extension of Mr. Theo Jankovski’s contract. 

Adding last minute discussion points to the agenda has become a habit of the CEO and his management team. This custom can only be interpreted as to the fear of General Council Meetings which would allow attendance of interested community members. Could the lack of transparency of Swapo Councilors be the reason why no Ordinary Council Meetings took place over the last three months? And could that be the reason why only one Management Meeting took place over this period of time? With regard to Management Meetings the Swapo’s has only one member to propose, but need the UPM Management Councilor’s second for acceptance of proposals. However the Chairman, from the chair find it an exception of the rule to second the team mate’s proposals from the chair, if the UPM management member does not support such points. 

From the word “Kick Off” the Mr. Theo Jankovski as CEO attack the UPM councilors insulting them and in person Councilor (Jan J.van Wyk), by saying that the opposition are not to be trusted as they leak sensitive information to the media, referring to a report in ``Die Republikein`` of Thursday, 19th April 2012. According to the CEO the Councilors leak information regarding a forensic audit underway at the RTC. The CEO proposed that a Council Resolution be taken to prevent the Opposition from getting copies of the Report by the auditor. The Swapo majority immediately capitalize on the proposal as one of the Swapo Councilors ``seconded`` the proposal of the CEO. When Jan van Wyk requested permission to rectify the situation, the Mayor as the Chairperson, refuses him a chance to speak. 

When another sensitive point, the allocation of ``Burger Erwe``and Erwen to people relocated from the ``Old Location`` came up, things almost become out of hand. This was an issue the UPM want the RTC to finalize as people are waiting for 20 years and longer while some others were at randum granted erwen under suspicious manner. During the discussions, the UPM Councilor proposes that the monoratorium placed on erwen be lifted in order to allow for the allocation of the ``Erwen``. The proposal was seconded by the RDP Councilor. The discussion surrounding a committee to oversee the implementation and finalization of the exercise started and a heated debated followed when the UPM Councilor, proposes that the Traditional Leader of the Rehoboth Baster Gemeente should be approached in all fairness to delegate a member of the “Kapteins Raad” to serve on this Committee. Willy Swartz and Theo Jankovski immediately started a heated flood of insults to the Baster Traditional Leaders and the Paternal laws of the Basters. (``Who are the Basters? to thinks that they will tell us what to do`` ``The Parternal Law is illegal in an independent Namibia`` ``Your so called leaders are not recognized by the Government`` ``You have failed to apply for recognition, so forget about any Baster leader to be part of the Committee)   were some of the insults. The Mayor during this heated insults intentially failed to call her officials to order. The UPM councilor at once stage decided to leave but remain seated as he wanted to obtain information on the next agenda point regarding the ownership of the confiscated Reho Spa, almost in ruin, a facility that during the reign of the Rehoboth Government, was a great tourist attraction nationally as well as internationally, but lately an embarrassment to the community.

After discussions around this point, the UPM Councilor request permission to leave, as the meeting was scheduled for less than two hours and other commitments were made to be attend to by the councilor. The Mayor refused to give permission and Willy Swartz and the CEO again started with their insults. The Councilor applied his democratic right to leave the meeting in protest to the Mayor’s display of incompetency to orderly lead the meeting. ``Jy is sleg, jy hardloop weg`` ``Julle UPM Councilors is onbevoeg, julle is almal politieke prostitute```` Julle is ‘n skande vir Rehoboth en die land.  ``Jy is ‘n lafhart`` were the insults by the two officials`` ``If you leave the meeting, you do it without permission`` was the words from the Mayor. He however indicated that he will not continue attending a meeting where he does not have protection from the mayor whilst being insulted by her officials and left the meeting. 

The UPM Management was immediately informed about the situation and concluded that this incident is a very serious violation of human rights and resolved to inform Kaptein McNab about the insults made towards his authority and the Paternal Law. The UPM as a matured political part will still seek to solve the problems amicably by following the prescribed channels to address the issue. The UPM further see the fact that the Rukoro Report will be implemented as a victory for the Party as it has been advocating for the implementation of the report for the past three years. The UPM is however not impressed with the ``Committee`` that was autocratically appointed as it is clearly a sign that the Jankowski group is trying to score political points. The UPM is also convinced that its members who are beneficiaries of the Rukoro Report will be intimidated. The UPM will have a meeting on Sunday,29th April 2012 at its HQ to brief the beneficiaries on the way forward. The UPM is however ready for the fight for the rights of its members as well as those beneficiaries who are not members of the Party and will soon visit other towns and villages to ensure that those who are left behind will have a voice that will speak on their behalf.

The Jankovski group in an article placed in the Namibian newspaper recently, alleges that the UPM and the Dax group are working together for their own benefit? The UPM herewith wants to make it clear that such allegations are false. However, since the UPM and the Dax group almost share the sentiments, the UPM during its meeting on thusday,19th April 2012 resolve to go into talks with the Dax group to see how they work together. Senior members of the UMP will also observe the meeting of the Dax group on Sunday,22 April 2012.

Piet Junius

UPM:Vice – President 

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