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Attempts of the Rehoboth Town Council to keep the truth from Rehoboth Residents

Published by Apr 26, 2012

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UPM Press Release 26 April 2012.

It is with disappointment that the UPM had taken note of the attempts of the RTC to keep the residents of Rehoboth in the dark about issues at the cash stripped RTC.

The press conference held this morning is once again an effort of the CEO and his right-handman to divert attention from them. The said press conference is once again maneuvered without Councils consent and is arranged without the knowledge of the Opposition. This action is a clear testimony that the CEO and his group do have a hidden agenda.

The UPM herewith would like to inform the Rehoboth Town Council that residents of the town of Rehoboth are not happy with some unwanted elements within the RTC. The UPM is constantly requested to find out as to why petitions of different groups were not answered by the RTC. The UPM through its Councilors address the issue several times during Council meetings last year and also on the only Ordinary Council Meeting held this year, without success. Several attempts had been made to involve the line Ministry, had been in vain. 

The UPM is convinced that the reason for not conducting Ordinary Council Meetings at the RTC, is an attempt to keep residents who are interested in attending the ODC meetings out of the Council buildings. By denying the residents the opportunity to observe meetings, the CEO and his fellowmen ensures that their hidden agendas are kept within the RTC as they always make use of their numbers use to outvote the Opposition, and therewith sabotage the RTC. The UPM is aware of the fact that several investors had been rejected by the RTC on the advice of the CEO, despite the Opposition trying to advocate for the much needed development of the Town of Rehoboth.

The UPM has been threatened with law suits and want those who threatens the UPM, to take note that the Movement is busy moving and will, with the little resources it has, fight against corruption, mismanagement and other problems, the nation is facing, even if we have to go to court. 

H. BeukesActing Secretary: Information and Mobilization

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