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Manifesto of the United People`s Movement 2014

Published by Nov 07, 2014

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The UPM undertakes to compete in the National Elections and to promote the following principles and objectives. 

1. To re-implement Christianity, as the cornerstone of the community, in schools, in order to educate our children in a religious environment. 

2. To encourage Namibia to recognize the international right to self-determination. 

3. To fully express the interests and rights of oppressed people, nationally and internationally, and to fully utilize and use the constitutional platforms to reach this objective. 

4. To sincerely endeavour to support and respect the rights of all oppressed and exploited minority groups. 

5. To demand the fair share of tax and gross national returns for each region in order to contribute towards essential development. 

6. To provide for sanitation, water and affordable standard housing. 

7. To address and eliminate social immoralities, including corrupt practices. 

8. To call to leadership that allows or are involved in corrupt practices. 

9. To make use of the parliamentary forum to articulate the aspirations of Local Authorities 

10. To ensure that STEWARDSHIP becomes the key, towards effective management at all levels of government. 

11. To make the necessary sacrifices for the sake of responsibility, or rather STEWARDSHIP, towards God and towards the nation. 

12. To make use of the parliamentary forum to oppose the continued discrimination against former soldiers and former prisoners of war and to continue the fight, for them to be recognised as Veterans, which will uplift their economic status and that of their families. 

13. To make use of the parliamentary forum to address issues concerning the quality of life of pensioners, vulnerable children, people living with disabilities and those with social problems, to ensure that their economic status change for the positive. 

14. To reveal courage and bravery to ensure that our allies in other minority groups support us. 

15. To oppose selfish greed and to eradicate it by means of self-sacrifice, exemplary and earnest exhortation and or disciplinary action where appropriate. 

16. To make use of the parliamentary forum to address issues regarding Education, Health, Gender Equality, GBV, economic, social agriculture and other important services at all levels of government. 

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