Rehoboth Baster Community

1923 Agreement on self-governance

Published by Jan 01, 2008

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 On the 17th day of August 1923 an agreement was entered into at Windhoek between the Administrator of the Mandated Territory of South West Africa as representing the Government of the Union of South Africa as the Mandatory of the said Territory under the Mandate conferred in pursuance of the Treaty of Peace with Germany signed at Versailles on the 28th day of June 1919 upon His Britannic Majesty for and on behalf of the aforesaid Government of the Union of South Africa of the one part and Cornelius van Wijk, Kapitein of the Rehoboth Community and the members of the Raad of the said Community for themselves and their lawful successors as representing the said Community of the other part regulating the future administration by the Government of the Union of South Africa in its capacity as Mandatory aforesaid of the Territory situate within the District of Rehoboth occupied by the said community known as the Gebiet.