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United People's of Namibia Manifesto 2010

Published by Sep 11, 2010

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The 2010 Manifest of the United People's Movement (UPM). It has since been updated and this version is for information purposes only.

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The UPM undertakes to compete in the National, Regional and Municipal Elections and to promote the following principles and objectives.

  1. To encourage Namibia to recognize the international right to self-determination.
  2. To fully express the interests and rights of Oppressed people, nationally and internationally, and to fully utilize and use the constitutional platforms.
  3. To sincerely endeavour in terms of support and respect the rights of all oppressed and exploited minority groups.
  4. To demand the fair share of tax and gross national returns for each region in order to contribute towards essential development.
  5. To provide for affordable standard housing.
  6. To re-implement religion, as the cornerstone of the community, in schools in order to educate our children religious.
  7. To address and eliminate social immorality including corrupt practices.
  8. To call to order corrupt leadership that allows or are involved in corrupt practices.
  9. With the entire authority available, expose to the smallest detail, the local administration of towns that is under the control of the UPM to ensure that it becomes the best local administrations in the country.
  10. The UPM is committed to the rebuilding and building of municipalities and other local government agencies where the party has a majority.
  11. Making stewardship the aim for management at all levels of government where the UPM forms the majority.
  12. To make the necessary sacrifices for the sake of responsibility, or rather STEWARDSHIP, towards God and towards the nation.
  13. For thorough facts missions before commencement of restructuring.
  14. To seek cooperation with all stakeholders and make this important element to success as part of our strategic planning.
  15. To reveal courage and bravery and to ensure that our allies in other minority groups support us.
  16. To oppose to selfish greed and to eradicate it by means of self-sacrifice, exemplary and earnest exhortation and or disciplinary action where appropriate.
  17. To perform regular periodic reviews of strategic actions and to provide feedback to the tax payers every three months.
  18. To create possibilities for the return of local people with expertise
  19. To scrutinize within the first few months of each audit report, the transactions that appear suspicious; any contract whatsoever, and to hold accountable the responsible.
  20. To set the wheels on motion from the first day of taking over and to implement systems that will ensure an excellent management structure that will see that workers are productive and apply effectiveness eg. Responsible Financial and asset management.
  21. Transparency on decision-making of financial transactions such as to ensure tenders whatsoever.
  22. To ensure that local expertise of residents enjoy development opportunities in their local towns and regional councils'.
  23. To encourage entrepreneurship, especially in the sectors that will create employment for local people, and to disperse the evil of drinking places in town and between the residential neighbourhoods.
  24. To create a Strategic Plan that consists of all the stakeholders who will serve as a guide for each section of the town administration.
  25. To return each form of service that existed in the town, or that were deprived from the residents.

Accepted and well selected by the UPM Conference, Rehoboth on 11 September 2010.

Do You want to see changes in your town? If your answer is yes, make yourself available, identify your leadership and be part of the solution.

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