Rehoboth Baster Community

Rehoboth Baster Community

Rehoboth Baster Community

Rehoboth Town Council Strives to Make Good on Debts

Published Dec 08, 2004

With the suspension of water cuts to seven town councils still hanging in the air, some town councils have advanced their first settlement payments, while others are still in the danger zone. The arrears leave the bulk water supplier with an outstanding amount from town »

Positive Rehoboth Voter Turnout In Local Election

Published Dec 01, 2004

Voter turnout in Rehoboth Urban Constituency showed more enthusiasm than the rest of the Hardap Region where generally very few went to the polls. By the end of last night at least one third of the voters in Rehoboth had cast their votes, with most votes coming from Rehoboth »

Officers Deny Rehoboth Election Fraud

Published Nov 29, 2004

At least four election officials are cited in an internal CoD memorandum as some of the witnesses in the pending court case which is to be filed by four political parties against the Electoral Commission of Namibia. The four are the returning officers for Oshakati West, Oshakati »

Swapo Party Wants Rehoboth

Published Nov 29, 2004

Prime Minister and top Swapo Party cadre, Theo-Ben Gurirab, addressed a rally in Rehoboth on Saturday, in a bid to canvass support for Swapo in the regional council elections taking place today and tomorrow. The Swapo Party, still "hot and glowing" from its landslide »

Rehoboth Resort Steadily Achieving Long-term Aims

Published Nov 05, 2004

Despite some problems still within the Namibian tourism sector, the Lake Oanob Resort and Game Reserve has recorded steady and consistent growth over the past decade. This is the concerned view of the CEO, Christy Benade, in a New Era interview at the popular resort a few »

Rehoboth's water success story

Published Nov 05, 2004

The previously troubled Rehoboth Town Council has managed to turn around its dire financial situation and recorded a higher income than its operational costs for the first time since 1996. Income from service accounts was N$2 million more than the total billed accounts over »

Water Issue Gets ‘Political’

Published Nov 05, 2004

The nine-month dispute over arrear payments of N$1 million to the national bulk water supplier by some of the residents of Schlip continues, despite many efforts to resolve the issue. NamWater summarily disconnected the domestic water supply to a part of the community in the »

Women in the South Groan Under AIDS Burden

Published Nov 05, 2004

Single mothers are the worst hit among those infected by the more than 20 percent HIV/AIDS rate in Rehoboth, Mariental and Keetmanshoop. This alarming and startling fact came to light in an interview with Pastor Wilfred Diergaardt, the national coordinator of the Evangelical »

Way Open For Rehoboth Art Decentralization

Published Oct 29, 2004

The long time bickering, feuds, accusations, backbiting, mistrust, mudslinging, character assassination and conniving because of a revolutionary proposal for decentralization by the Rehoboth School of Arts has been resolved. This became clear during a lengthy special meeting on »

DTA ‘Down but Not Out’

Published Oct 22, 2004

In the following article, Kuvee Kangueehi of our news team takes a critical look at the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance (DTA), its pre-independence role and mission up to when it evolved into the new DTA of Namibia. The article is part of our coverage of the upcoming presidential »