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Rehoboth Baster Community

Rehoboth Baster Community

Rehoboth Hangover Skulduggery Alleged in Swapo Primary

Published Oct 19, 2004

Nearly a month after the primary election for Swapo Party candidates in the Rehoboth East Constituency, voters are still smarting over the manner in which the elections were held, threatening to withhold their votes for the party if the former councillor, Alfred Stefanus Dax, is not »

Acacia Forest Centre of Contention

Published Sep 24, 2004

A total of 110 concerned residents of Rehoboth signed a petition against apparent plans by the town council there to lease out a portion - Plot number 9 - of the endangered Acacia forest close to the town to a private enterprise. Spokesperson of the concerned group, Kathy Hampe »

Rehoboth Rural Arts Centre Grows in Strength

Published Sep 10, 2004

With a community representative board now solidly in place and operational, the country's first significant regional arts and culture centre is ready to accept autonomous status under the Government's decentralization plan. This is the view of the founder of the Rehoboth School »

Shebeens Rehoboth’s Nightmare

Published Aug 25, 2004

Renewed dissatisfaction with shebeens operating in Rehoboth flared over the weekend when a man fell into an open fire on the premises of one of the establishments, and later presumably died of his wounds sustained in the incident. The man, Monde Wels, aged given as 45 »

Schlip Got Water ‘For Free’

Published Aug 05, 2004

Residents of Schlip owe the country's water utility millions of dollars. Schlip is a private settlement south of Rehoboth, which, according to the Republican Party’s executive secretary, Carola Engelbrecht, who attended a meeting at the settlement recently, is about to have »

Farewell to 'Oom Maans'

Published Aug 02, 2004

Veteran political activist Hermanus Beukes, who died at the age of 91 at his native Rehoboth on July 22, was buried at his hometown on Saturday. Among the speakers at his funeral service was Evangelical Lutheran Church Bishop Zephania Kameeta, a friend of the Beukes family who »

Namibian Hero Laid to Rest

Published Aug 02, 2004

Namibian liberation struggle icon Hermanus Christoffel Beukes, who passed away at the end of last month at the age of 91, was put to rest on Saturday at his home town of Rehoboth. Rehoboth residents, including elders, young men and women including church and government »

Hermanus Beukes dies at 91

Published Jul 30, 2004

The sort of man who would not shy away from giving the most powerful man in Namibia an angry dressing down on his own turf - that was Hermanus Beukes, a resolute and outspoken opponent of South Africa's rule over Namibia who died at the age of 91 at Rehoboth last Thursday. He »

Rehoboth Churches supporting Shebeens?

Published Jul 27, 2004

We, the Hardap Women's Voice under Woman's Action for Development wish to convey our utmost disappointment in our church leaders who bluntly refused to assist us in our effort to try and curb the evil practises in Rehoboth. We do not ask for shebeens to be closed down, but we »

Rehoboth Trust Tackles Poverty

Published Jul 19, 2004

A non-profit and developmental initiative, Rehoboth Community Trust (RCT), established to address the plight and interests of Rehoboth residents, was launched recently. The trust will look into issues such as poverty alleviation, job creation, income generation projects »