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Rehoboth Baster Community

Rehoboth Baster Community

Hardap Councillors lose it

Published Jul 06, 2007

Tensions in the Hardap Regional Council flared again this week, when councillors Theo Diergaardt and Edward Wambo almost came to blows.

PUM Expert Helps Resort Manager

Published May 22, 2007

Jos Bon, senior PUM expert, recently spent three weeks with Nicolas Homateni, newly-appointed restaurant manager at Lake Oanob Resort just outside Rehoboth, to help the latter with his management skills. PUM is an independent Dutch organization that provides expertise from a large »

Successful Youth Camp at Rehoboth

Published May 21, 2007

Rehoboth High School this year hosted the 4th National UNESCO ASPnet (Associated Schools Project) camp under the theme, Resilience for Survival, as announced in a press release. About 120 learners and teachers from 17 different government schools in Namibia attended the week-long »

New Asteroid named Rehoboth

Published Apr 02, 2007

On 2 April 2007, the asteroid 145475 that was discovered on 12 October 2005 by American Professor Larry Molnar was officially named Rehoboth. The 3 kilometer-wide asteroid was discovered by Professor Molnar in 2005. It is orbiting the sun as part of t »

Schlip’s Water Problem Persists

Published Jan 25, 2007

REHOBOTH The water supply to the village of Schlip has still not been reconnected after almost two years due to the refusal of the inhabitants to pay an arrear account of more than N$1 million to Namwater. Many efforts have been made to negotiate a settlement between the »

Rehoboth man drowns in dam

Published Dec 12, 2006

A well-known member of the Rehoboth community and organiser of the town's annual trade show, Dimitrio Metzler, drowned in the Oanob Dam on Sunday after rescuing his wife and four children. Metzler (36) and his family were canoeing on the dam when the canoe capsized »

Rehoboth School To Cooperate With British

Published Dec 05, 2006

Four representatives from two Namibian rural senior secondary schools on Saturday left for London on a week-long cultural exchange and partnership programme. The selected Namibian senior secondary schools that will represent the country at a partnering workshop under the auspices of the »

Shanty Residents Protest Unsanitary Toilets

Published Oct 27, 2006

A group of around 40 frustrated Rehoboth residents, who live in the town's informal settlements, took to the streets yesterday to demand that the town council provide them with proper sewage and drainage facilities. Most residents living in the almost 2 000 shanties in Extension One, Two »

Rehoboth Deeds Office To Stay Open

Published Oct 24, 2006

Due to unworkable technicalities pertaining to the registration of homes, flats and farms by two separate offices operating in the country, draft legislation is being drawn up to unify the existing two deeds registration systems. This fact was yesterday telephonically confirmed by Dana »

Rehoboth Links Former Black Township

Published Oct 04, 2006

In what can be seen as a major development for the Block E area at Rehoboth since independence, the Rehoboth Town Council has now started tarring a road in an effort to link the former 'black township' with the rest of the town. Mayor of Rehoboth, George Dax, confirmed in an interview with New »