Rehoboth Baster Community

Rehoboth Baster Community

Rehoboth Baster Community

International Youth Award at Rehoboth

Published Jun 06, 2005

John Mutorwa, Namibian Minister of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture will be the keynote speaker at the Launch of the International Youth Award at Rehoboth today. The aim of the award ceremony under the auspices of the Katutura Youth Enterprise Centre (KAYEK) is to challenge »

Electricity in the hands of Municipalities

Published Jun 02, 2005

The establishment of Regional Electricity Distributors (REDs) throughout Namibia next month is mainly geared towards assisting particularly smaller struggling municipalities in the country. Through this streamlining initiative, smaller local authorities such as Rehoboth, stand to »

Commuting way of life for Rehoboth

Published May 30, 2005

Rehoboth Folk Commute Daily to Windhoek Hundreds of people continue to commute between Windhoek and Rehoboth as well as Okahandja to and from work in the capital despite the daily hassles involved. The reason why hundreds of men and women commute to Windhoek from Rehoboth »

Alcoholism Surges Among Rehoboth Poor

Published May 30, 2005

Swirling in the sand and clicking the heels the dancing crowd of young and old spend their whole day drinking their troubles away. In Rehoboth's poorest suburb of Block E the ugly face of poverty and unemployment is obvious. In one street alone, every second house is a shebeen »

More People Demand Reparations from Germany

Published May 24, 2005

The newly-formed Khoisan Social-Political Movement (KSPM) has joined a growing number of Namibians demanding reparations from Germany for colonial-era atrocities and for loss of property including livestock. The movement, established in February this year, says other minority »

Namas Might Join Next Sam Khubis Commemoration

Published May 13, 2005

A senior lecturer at the University of Namibia and well-known social worker, Dr Hettie Rose-Junius, has called on the Sam Khubis organising committee to consider inviting a delegation from the Nama-speaking people to next year\'s festivities and those in the future. The Baster »

Despair over Fish- Farm Project Debacle

Published May 13, 2005

Rehoboth residents are incensed and highly disappointed that bureaucracy and squabbling at the local authority has jeopardized a lucrative N$72 million investment in a fish farm that would have had the potential to employ at least 2 000 people. The community is particularly angry that the »

Councillor Accuses Rehoboth Municipality of Corruption

Published May 13, 2005

The rift within the ruling party at Rehoboth has widened further, with a district Swapo coordinator now accusing another Swapo Party councillor of being corrupt. There is widespread corruption at the Rehoboth Town Council, says a senior Swapo member at the town. District Swapo »

Bureacracy Destroys N$72-Million Deal

Published May 11, 2005

Bureaucracy and squabbling have sunk a lucrative N$72-million investment in a fish farm that would have employed upwards of 2 000 people at Rehoboth where unemployment hovers between 35 and 45 percent. The money to kick-start the project amounting to US$ 8,7 million was availed by the »

Squabbling Threatens Multi-Million Project

Published May 06, 2005

A lucrative N$72-million dollar investment fish farm project for the residents of Rehoboth is likely to go down the drain if an urgent solution is not found by noon today. In the middle of the prospering of the project is the Rehoboth Town Council that failed to reach an »