Rehoboth Baster Community

Rehoboth Baster Community

Rehoboth Baster Community

Rehoboth Renovates Multi-Purpose Stadium

Published Apr 28, 2005

The town council at Rehoboth has so far spent N$10 000 for the current renovations of a post-independence stadium whose facelift would capacitate the facility to seat up to 4 000 fans at the soccer-crazy town. Initially the contract to renovate the stadium, that could only »

Rehoboth Council 'Shocked' By Protest

Published Apr 28, 2005

A municipal spokesman at Rehoboth says the local authority is shocked by and disappointed with the conduct of a group of residents at the town who last month staged a noisy demonstration before handing over a petition listing a host of grievances. The protesters from Block »

Roaming Livestock in Rehoboth Will Be Impounded

Published Apr 27, 2005

The Rehoboth municipality, facing the perennial problem of unattended livestock grazing freely around the town and posing a menace to speeding motorists, has vowed to impound donkeys, cattle, goats and sheep that are left to fend for themselves. The Rehoboth Town Council says »

Rehoboth Struggles for Media Freedom

Published Apr 27, 2005

A media trainer who schools young people in the basics of journalism says one should not make the mistake to categorise the six publications operating at Rehoboth as community newspapers because they are run strictly on business principles. Some of the publications are daily »

Rehoboth People Call for Mayor’s Head

Published Apr 08, 2005

Residents of Rehoboth are demanding the resignation of two councillors this coming Monday, or else they threaten to remove them forcefully. The residents who dubbed themselves Concerned Community Members of Rehoboth delivered a petition to the former Minister of Regional, Local »

Insight Into Rehoboth Farm Murders

Published Mar 14, 2005

The vengeful attack by one of the suspects in the Kareeboomkolk murder case could have been precipitated by a pathetic, pitiful upbringing at a quiet location in Rehoboth, says a senior detective involved in the arrest of the two suspects. Twenty-two-year-old Sylvester Beukes »

New Health Centre to Open Soon in Rehoboth

Published Mar 09, 2005

A local church in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Services is to open a revamped AIDS treatment centre at Rehoboth where the US funded the facelift. The renovations were financed from the billions of dollars availed by the US government to 12 African »

Rehoboth March Against Increasing Violence

Published Jan 26, 2005

Angry Rehoboth residents marched through the town's streets yesterday, demanding stiffer sentences for murderers and rapists after a young mother was hacked to death with a rake by an angry boyfriend. Frans Mannetjie Boois (37) allegedly hit Katrina van Wyk repeatedly with a »

Namibian Government Closes Hostel at Dr Lemmer High School

Published Jan 24, 2005

Several hostels in the South and Central parts of Namibia were closed, including the Dr. Lemmer high school. The hostel at the Dr. Lemmer high school in Rehoboth became ?a burden to (the Namibian) government? because its occupation rate had fallen drastically the last few years.

Churches alarmed by moral decay at Rehoboth

Published Jan 13, 2005

Churches in Rehoboth have called on the Government to set up a rehabilitation centre for drug and alcohol addicts at the town, as substance abuse continues to take its toll on residents. Six churches, operating as the Rehoboth Ecumenical Council, said the abuse of drugs and »