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The Stand of the UPM on the Just Ended Elections

Published Dec 05, 2014

The United People`s Movement (UPM) would like to extend its gratitude to its members and supporters. 

Manifesto of the United People`s Movement 2014

Published Nov 07, 2014

The UPM undertakes to compete in the National Elections and to promote the following principles and objectives. 

United Peoples Movement Constitution 2014

Published Nov 07, 2014

The constitution of the UPM as approved on 2 August 2014

Situation at Okahandja Municipality - UPM Press Release 27 August 2013

Published Aug 27, 2013

The United People`s Movement (UPM) has taken note of the situation at the Okahandja Municipality, and is of the opinion that the situation is caused by appointed officials who mislead elected leaders to score points for themselves. 

UPM Leadership visit Garden Town

Published Jul 29, 2013

The UPM leadership on Monday, July 29, 2013, visited the UPM Branch in Okahandja.

UPM wants Hardap split up

Published May 02, 2013

The United People’s Movement (UPM) has proposed to the Delimitation Commission that the Hardap Region be divided into two regions – to be called Oanob and Hardap – to accelerate socio-economic development and to minimise the influx of people to towns.

UPM satisfied with the performance of its Okahandja branch - UPM Press Release, 26 April 2013

Published Apr 26, 2013

The United People`s Movement (UPM) over the weekend had a successful meeting with members of its Okahandja Branch at its Head Quarters in Rehoboth. The reason for the meeting was among other to discuss concerns of its members in Okahandja. The delegation was headed by »

UPM Press Release, 18 April 2013

Published Apr 18, 2013

UPM stel sy saak rakkende die Babelse verwaring wat in Rehoboth deur die Burgermeester se verdraaide waarhede veroorsaak word.

The UPM disappointed in the behaviour of RTC Staff - UPM Press Release, 27 March 2013

Published Mar 27, 2013

The UPM has over the past months constantly complained about the attitude and the incompetence of the CEO of the Rehoboth Town Council.

Crime, mismanagement and NamWater crises in Rehoboth

Published Mar 22, 2013

UPM Press Release, 22 March 2013 The UPM herewith condemn incidents in Rehoboth where innocent lives had been lost due to the recklessness of certain individuals last weekend. The UPM is concern of the escalation of crime in Rehoboth and urged the police to »