Rehoboth Baster Community

Rehoboth Baster Community


An investigation into the large number of churches in Rehoboth

Essay on the churches in Rehoboth According to a report published by the Rehoboth town council  there are at least 70 different churches in Rehoboth. For a population of less than 40 thousand people this is an enormous amount. The question than arises why there »

SamKhubis Historical Overview

The 1987 publication on the battle of Sam Khubis written by Mr. R.G. Britz

United Nations Resolution on Rehoboth 1955

General Assembly Resolutions »

United Nations Resolution on Rehoboth 1957

General Assembly Resolutions 12th Session 1138 (XII) 25 October 1957 Petitions and Communications from Mr. Jacobus Beukes of the Rehoboth Community Concerning the »

1923 Agreement on self-governance

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1993 High Court gives locus standi to Basters

1993 In The High Court of Namibia; Case No. A 163/93; J.G.A. Diergaardt versus The Government of Namibia.To open the PDF document 

1915 Annulment of Treaty by Germany

On 22 April 1915, the German government annuled the Treaty of Protection and Friendship of 1885 by way of a letter to the Baster Council at Rehoboth and thereby in effect declared war on the Rehoboth Baster community. To open the PDF document 

1924 Kaptein's Council Outlawed

1924 Proclamation 31In December 1924, the South West African Administration declared the Kaptein's Council illegal and ordered the Rehoboth Baster community to surrender to the South African government. Non-compliance eventually led »