Rehoboth Baster Community

Rehoboth Baster Community


A Comment on Issues Raised in Diergaardt versus Namibia

A paper by the European Centre for Minority Issues. A Comment on Issues Raised in Diergaardt et al.v. Namibia. October 2002. (To open the PDF file click

Inventory Report for Rehoboth Acacia Park

April 2002 To open the PDF file click here This report presents the results from the wood resource »

Envisioning the Worst - Linda Merians

2001 Linda E. Merians Envisioning the Worst - Representations of "Hottentots" in Early-Modern England Introduction I This study examines how and why the early modern english constructed "Hottentots" »

Veeltaligheid gekoester deur jong mense

A paper by Annatjie Louw on the language situation in Rehoboth. Veeltaligheid gekoester deur jong mense, 1999 (in Afrikaans) To open the document

Treaty between the Rehoboth Basters, Griqua and Nama 1996

To open the file click here The treaty provides for co-operation and commitment between the Griqwa »

Rehoboth Lands Judgment High Court Namibia 1995

To open the file click here The document contains the verdict as delivered on 26 May 1995 by the Namibian High »

Declaration of Independence 1990

To open the PDF file click here The Rehoboth Basters' declaration of independence of 20 March »

Rise and Decline of Hybrid Societies in Canada and Southern Africa

A paper by Alvin Kienetz of Brandon University The rise and decline of hybrid (metis) societies on the frontier of Western Canada and Southern Africa. 1983 To open the PDF file

Kraal and Castle - Richard Elphick

1977 Richard Elphick KRAAL AND CASTLE - Khoikhoi and the Founding of White South Africa The Khoikhoi-popularly, loosely, and pejoratively known as "Hottentots" were once among the most widespread peoples of Africa. Today, at least in »