Rehoboth Baster Community

Rehoboth Baster Community

United Peoples Movement

UPM Press Release 13 March 2013

Published Mar 13, 2013

UPM Councillors, Jan van Wyk and Martin Dentlinger in the New Era of 06th March 2013, said that the Rehoboth Town Council is riddled with fraud, corruption, nepotism, abuse of power and conflict of interest. The CEO of the Rehoboth Town Council said the allegations are false and challenged the »

Continued corruption, incompetence is the HIGH LEVEL AGENDA TO Continue Rehoboth Community Genocide

Published Mar 05, 2013

UPM Press Release, 05 March 2013 The UPM with its HQ in Rehoboth has every right to believe that Ministerial and as such government’s hatred for the Rehoboth Community is without doubt proven in the fact that they turn a blind eye to the Swapo »

UPM Impatient Over Non-Delivery of Free Erven At Rehoboth

Published Feb 08, 2013

Promises of land for thousands of Rehoboth Basters made in 1992 remain unfulfilled.

Unity in Rehoboth

Published Feb 08, 2013

UPM Press Release, 08 February 2013 The Rehoboth community and its leaders have over the past four years overcome many obstacles to unite a once divided community. This long awaited dream became a reality on 4th February 2013 with the finalization of »

UPM wants fair and swift implementation of Rukoro report

Published Feb 05, 2013

UPM Press Release, 05 February 2013 The UPM on 27 September 2012, congratulated the Rehoboth Town Council on its efforts to finalize the implementation of the "Rukoro Report". It however seems that the said congratulatory remarks was send out at the wrong time »

UPM urges RTC to implement the Rukoro Report

Published Dec 14, 2012

UPM Press Release 14 December 2012. The UPM would like to make it clear that the continued violation of the rights of the beneficiaries of the ``Rukoro Report`` by the Rehoboth Town Council would not go unchallenged. The UPM will conduct a public »

Water situation in Rehoboth

Published Jun 21, 2012

UPM Press Release 21 June 2012. The United People`s Movement, its supporters and the residents of Rehoboth herewith would like to extend a word of thanks to the Hon Governor Me. Katrina Hanse – Himarwa and the Hon. Deputy Minister Peter Iilonga »

Attempts of the Rehoboth Town Council to keep the truth from Rehoboth Residents

Published Apr 26, 2012

UPM Press Release 26 April 2012. It is with disappointment that the UPM had taken note of the attempts of the RTC to keep the residents of Rehoboth in the dark about issues at the cash stripped RTC.

UPM denounces the lack of respect by RTC for the Baster Councillors

Published Apr 20, 2012

UPM Press Release 20 April 2012. The United People`s Movement at Rehoboth, on 19th April 2012, during a Special Council meeting once again showed that its Councilors are ready to standup against the Swapo majority, which continue to make use of their »

UPM - Protest stay away from the 22nd Independence Celebrations

Published Mar 14, 2012

14 March 2012 Press Release United People`s Movement (UPM) The United People`s Movement (UPM) during a meeting at its Head Quarters in Rehoboth on Friday, 9th March 2012 took a resolution to out of protest stay away from the 22 Independence »